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National Hydraulic Supply is a full line supplier and stocking distributor of SPX Stone/Fenner hydraulic power units and components as well as Power Team high force hydraulic power equipment and tools. SPX Stone/Fenner is a leader in the hydraulic power unit industry where it is recognized for its high quality and dependability. Our depth of knowledge with regard to the SPX Stone/Fenner product line stems from well over a decade of dedicated, hands-on experience designing, assembling, and stocking SPX Stone/Fenner AC and DC hydraulic power units. We stock complete hydraulic power packs for a variety of applications including dump trailers, dump trucks, landscape vehicles, boat lifts, snow plows, auto hoists, lift gates, car haulers, tow trucks, wreckers, etc. We also stock SPX Stone/Fenner motors, pumps, reservoirs, valves, starter solenoids, coils, pendant controllers and more.

If the part you are looking for is not listed in our store, feel free to call, text us at (847) 962-1685, or email us for a quote on price and delivery at